Teaming Up With Solvatten®

What an honor it is for Emerald Pools and Spas to team up with such a worthy cause!

Emerald Pools and Spas will be taking part in some incredible promotions this year.

Solvatten® is a foundation that has developed portable solar-powered purifying devices for heating and treating water. They work with local organizations and corporations to reach people living in developing countries. More than 470.000 people benefit from the technology, primarily in rural East Africa. Properly used, Solvatten® will bring health impact for ten years or more.

During these promotions, at Emerald Pools and Spas, with your purchase of a Dimension One Spas®, A Portable Water Treatment System will be donated to Solvatten® for every qualifying sale made during these promotional periods (up to 100 units).

“We’re excited to be able to help support Solvatten’s mission of providing people in developing countries with safe and hot water in an environmentally-friendly way. The importance of clean and hot water to our customers makes our partnership truly synergistic,” said Thomas Whell, Vice President/General Manager for Dimension One Spas.

Emerald Pools and Spas will be sponsoring several promotions throughout the coming year, providing funding for Solvatten safe water projects.

Solvatten Gallery