When choosing your pool builder, watch out for these red flags

Congratulations! You’ve decided to make that leap and invest in a swimming pool that will provide many memories for your family and friends.  How do you sort out all those pool builders and pick the right one?   Selecting the wrong one could cost you thousands and delay completion. There are many options when it comes to building a pool in your backyard.    Not all pool builders are equipped with licensed tradesmen who are skilled when constructing a custom pool.

We’re sharing 5 red flags to watch out for while choosing your pool builder.

1. Lack of Communication

Is your pool representative bad about getting back to you with your questions? If you are having to jump through hoops now, this could be a key indicator on how the rest of your pool construction will go. Overall , the communication between you and your pool builder should be frequent in order to meet clear expectations.

2. Excessive poor online reviews and bad reputation

Don’t make your decisions based off a pretty photo or those cool videography reels you watched on social media.   Things aren’t always as they appear.  Consequently you are viewing the companies own selected imagery chosen specifically for public viewing.   Avoid this false pretentious “impression” by doing your homework. Read authentic google reviews written by actual customers.

  A good pool contractor should provide you with a list of references of their pool clients. Plan a field trip with the pool builder to visit current projects, in all phases of construction. In addition to inspecting the final look of the pool, you’ll want to see how the underground phase has been constructed.

3. Cutting Corners and Skipping Steps

If your pool builder has skipped any crucial steps, your pool could experience shape changes or possible movement under the materials. 

A good pool contractor will mitigate and inform you of any unforeseen circumstances. The right pool contractor will go the extra mile and have your soil tested, ensuring it will be built on competent soil.

The image attached is an example of a competitors pool that Emerald Pools and Spas was required to repair due to poor craftmanship caused from an unexperienced contractor.

4. Does not invest in adequate equipment

If your pool contractor is not investing in the best quality products or adequate equipment , this could cause future problems.

Inadequate plumbing could cause leaking or line breaks.  The inside and outside plumbing of your pool need to be below frost.

Poor or undersized equipment could hinder circulation and inability to balance your pool chemicals properly.

5. Don’t be fooled by cheap prices

Get 3 different Quotes. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best value and best quality possible for your pool, seek out quotes from at least three local pool contractors of what is included in the Quote.  

Don’t always opt for the lowest price, cheapest isn’t always the best option. Minor things that may not be the same or have been excluded could possibly be the extra things you’d want in the end. Ultimately , the higher bid ends up saving you money in the long run.  

Be cautious of unrealistically low estimates, high-pressure sales tactics, scare tactics. A good contractor should be happy to consult with you as you carefully sort through your many options.

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