Hot Tub Cleaning Maintenance

Hot Tub Cleaning Maintenance

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Hot Tub Cleaning & Maintenance

Emerald Pools and Spas purpose is to create spaces that bring people together. We know the lifelong memories you can establish as you play, relax, and enjoy your pool. We also know the frustration that exists with accurately testing water, keeping the surfaces clean, and protecting you, your family, and friends with perfectly balanced water chemistry. Not only is it disappointing to have cloudy or green water right at the worst time of a gathering, the life of your equipment and pool is also diminished. Protect your memories, protect your investment, and protect your sanity. Sign up below and we will take care of the rest!

Hot Tub Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Premium Membership

Perfect for those Rental Property Owners

$90 per visit

    One visit per week is required

  • Up to two visits per week
  • Test pH, chlorine, alkalinity each visit
  • Test calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, phosphates quarterly
  • Add chemicals as needed to balance water
  • Chemicals not included in membership rate
  • Chemicals to be sold by the bottle and kept at the house (if homeowner chooses not to have chemicals on hand, they will be billed on a per ounce basis)
  • Vacuum Hot Tub
  • Spray out filters

    Each month:

  • Drain and refill Hot Tub
  • Add stain and scale remover to water
  • Spray cover with UV protectant to extend life of the cover
  • Clean exterior
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Standalone Hot Tub Services

Contact for estimates

    As needed:

  • Equipment repairs
  • Control panels
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electrical preparation and connections
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Drain and refill
  • Hot Tub removal
  • Used Hot Tub trade-in program
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Emerald Pools And Spas Offers Many Other Services. Please Contact Us If You Have Additional Needs Or Questions.

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