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Pool Cleaning Maintenance

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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Emerald Pools and Spas purpose is to create spaces that bring people together. We know the lifelong memories you can establish as you play, relax, and enjoy your pool. We also know the frustration that exists with accurately testing water, keeping the surfaces clean, and protecting you, your family, and friends with perfectly balanced water chemistry. Not only is it disappointing to have cloudy or green water right at the worst time of a gathering, the life of your equipment and pool is also diminished. Protect your memories, protect your investment, and protect your sanity. Sign up below and we will take care of the rest!

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Clear Membership

Have Certified Water Chemists Keep Your Pool Clear

$49 / Week
Daily Monitoring:
  • 24/7 monitoring of your pool’s water chemistry with exclusive industry technology
  • Down-to-the-ounce! – Certified water chemists not only monitor your pool, we will send you exact instructions on what to add to your pool, how to add it, and when to add it.e
Monthly Visit:
  • Water analysis to check 11 additional parameters.
  • Visual Inspection of equipment.
  • HOME DELIVERY of chemicals (cost of chemicals not included and will be billed upon delivery.) Does not include cleaning of your pool.
Membership Perks:
  • Add a hot tub to this Membership for $30 a week (includes all items listed above)
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Emerald VIP Membership

Be The VIP Of Your Pool Oasis And Let Us Take Care Of The Rest

$160 / Week
Weekly Visit:
  • Top off water levels
  • Scrub down water line
  • Hands on equipment inspection
  • Test and maintain salt levels (where applilcable)
Monthly Visit:
  • Pressure Wash your pool cover ($350 value)
Membership Perks:
  • 25% discount on opening/closing your pool for the season
  • 25% discount on products at our supply store (excludes chemicals)
  • Add a Hot Tub to this Membership for $15/week (includes everything in the Hot Tub Membership)
  • One additional visit per month to prepare for your next big gathering (By request and 72hr notice required)
Benefits Also Include:
  • Clean & Clear Membership Benefits
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Additional Services

Pool Cover Cleaning


We send two of our experienced techs to pressure wash your pool cover. We use pool safe cleaning agents and help your cover look refreshed and clean.

Pool Seasonal Opening

Standard fee for us to open pool for season: $145/hr (doesn’t include material/chemicals) Generally takes 1-2 hours

This service will set the foundation for you to enjoy your pool for the season. We will test and balance the water, start up all pool equipment and install anything that was removed to prepare for winter the previous season (diving boards, ladders, handrails, etc) Depending on the condition of your pool, we may have to provide additional services and we will discuss those prior to conducting the work to make sure we over communicate and agree upon the rates.

Pool Seasonal Closing

Standard fee for us to open pool for season: $145/hr (doesn’t include material/chemicals) Generally takes 1-3 hours minimum.

This service will help protect your pool heading into and throughout the winter season. We will prep the water chemistry to be ready for the off-season, blow out plumbing lines and install winterizing plugs, and winterize the equipment (heater, pump, filter). Any winterization plugs required will be an additional charge. You can keep them onsite for the next season to minimize the additional cost each year.

*Pool closing terms and conditions – Emerald Pools and Spas is not responsible for any damage incurred to a pool or spa that has been winterized by Emerald Pools and Spas. Emerald Pools and Spas adheres to industry standards for winterization but cannot guarantee protection based on the impact of weather on the pool or spa throughout the off-season or the normal degrading of equipment, plumbing, or finishes due to standard seasonal pool usage.

Emerald Pools And Spas Offers Many Other Services. Please Contact Us If You Have Additional Needs Or Questions.

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