Dream Spa

Step into a Dream™ and experience the ultimate in relaxation for up to six people with 34 massage jets, a beautiful and adjustable waterfall, an ultra-comfortable High-Performance Lounge and tactile therapy in the foot well. Your body will thank you after every soak.

Product Highlights

Capacity: 5-6 people
Seating: Open
Jets: 34
Volume: 300 gal
Size: 83" x 83" x 36"
Weight (Empty): 590 lbs
Weight (Filled): 3,090 lbs


MSRP: $10,042

FREE delivery includes:

  1. Clear location access
  2. Basic hookup within 6 feet of hot tub to an electrical junction box (disconnect box)
  3. Free Delivery is within 30 miles of our retail store

Free delivery does NOT include:

  1. Supplying electrical work to bring power to the hot tub location
  2. Difficult to access location (fence removal, decks, rock walls, etc)
  3. Does not include up or down staircases
  4. Does not include use of crane or material handler/forklift

Product Description

Step into a Dream™ and experience the ultimate in relaxation for up to six people with 34 massage jets, a beautiful and adjustable waterfall, an ultra-comfortable High-Performance Lounge and tactile therapy in the foot well. Your body will thank you after every soak.

Dream™ Spa 3D Model

Dream Spa Specs

Electrical: 240V @30A/40A people
Height: 36"
Width: 83"
Length: 83"
Dry Weight: 590 lbs
Average Fill Volume: 300 gal
Filled Weight: 3,090 lbs
Jets: 34
Massage Selectors: None
Seating Capacity: 5-6 people
Est. Monthly Cost (7¢ per kW/H): 10.28 people
Est. Monthly Cost (10¢ per kW/H): 14.69 people
Est. Monthly Cost (15¢ per kW/H): 22.03 people
Electronic Controls: Programmable digital panel with LED readout
Water Management System: ClearZone Optional
Pump 1: (60 Hz) 2-Speed, 3.6 HP break, 2.0 HP continuous, 48 Frame
Pump 2: (60 Hz) 1-Speed, 3.6 HP break, 2.0 HP continuous, 48 Frame
Pump 3: N/A
Water Heater: 4.0 kW
LED Lighting: One multi Color LED footwell light
Filtration System: ClearZone Optional
Filter Type: 75 ft² filter cartridge
Filters: 1
Seat 1 Jets: 6 Cluster Storm Directional, 2 Power Storm Twister, 2 Cluster Storm Rifled
Seat 2 Jets: 2 Cluster Storm Rifled
Seat 3 Jets: 2 Power Storm Massage, 1 Power Storm Twirl, 2 Mini Storm Rotator
Seat 4 Jets: 1 Cluster Storm Rifled, 2 Mini Storm Directional
Seat 5 Jets: 7 Cluster Storm Pulsator
Seat 6 Jets: 4 Cluster Storm Directional
Seat 7 Jets: N/A
Footwell: 3 Mini Storm Rotator
Headrests: 3 Standard
Optional LED Lighting: Crystal FX
Circulation Pump: ClearZone Optional
Fountain Pump: No
Diverter Valves: No
Water Feature: None

Dream Spa Reviews


Every 4-6 months

Your pool or spa water could be green for multiple reasons. In short:
-Lack of sanitation
-Phosphates and Algae

Yes! Most pool chemicals consist of acids and flammable substances.
You should never handle any type of chemical if you do not know how to use it and how to treat for injury or burns with that specific substance. Never mix any two pool Chemicals. Never mix water into any pool chemical, only add the chemical to water.  Misuse of many pool chemicals can cause extreme chemical burns, respiratory issues, blindness, explosions or even death if consumed.

When you are having someone come take a look at your pool every week, you are able to really prevent a lot of the issues that can occur with equipment, chemical levels and cleanliness. Most of the time it will be easier and less expensive in the long run because you won’t catch these issues when it’s too late. When you have someone coming out every 2 weeks or even monthly, you spend more time fixing what has been done in that time passed than maintaining cleanliness. Weekly Chemical balancing and cleaning keeps you happier because your pool or spa will always look fantastic.

When you keep the water in your pool or spa balanced, you are extending the life of your liner, your plaster, your chlorinator, and your equipment. Aggressive water is extremely corrosive, and oversaturated water is extremely scale forming. Keeping the many parameters in balance is what will prevent your water from becoming aggressive or oversaturated. Having properly balanced water isn’t only important for your pool or spa, but it is also important for your safety! A lot of water chemistry is about user comfort, since your skin is much more sensitive than your equipment. High levels of chlorine and or pH levels that are too high or too low can make eyes burn, hair damaged, dry skin and clothed ruined, so it is important to either learn how to balance what are yourself, or hire a professional to do it. Not only is it important for your comfort, but also for your safety. There are many Waterborne illnesses that can come from unbalanced or dirty water. Having the proper level of sanitation is key to keeping your family happy and healthy.

There is more to it than keeping on top of your pH and your chlorine! There are many parameters that need to be tested often to keep your pool and hot tub balanced. Some of these include phosphate levels, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, metals, combined chlorine, cyanuric acid, and salt alongside your pH and chlorine. There are many things that can contribute to any of these levels rising or dropping, and hiring a certified water chemist to maintain your pool or spa can make the biggest difference.

Our Service Center here at Emerald Pools and Spas is backed by a team of Master Electricians, Certified Pool Operators & Water Chemists. We offer a variety of services to keep your pools, spas, equipment and water in fantastic shape. We provide quality hot tub repairs, pool equipment upgrades, filter, heater and pump replacements, leak detection, pool closings and openings. If you are looking to keep your water crystal clear year round, we have different tiers of maintenance memberships to cater to your pool and spa needs. These memberships include brushing and vacuuming, scrubbing the water line, keeping water at the correct level, pool cover pressure washing, UV protectant on spa covers, draining and refilling, filter cleaning, routine skimmer and pump basket cleaning and weekly chemical balancing. More information can be found on these memberships at https://emerald-utah.com/pool-cleaning-maintenance/

D1® has led the hot tub industry for more than 43 years. With multiple patents and awards for their innovation, design, and engineering, D1® is known for have having the highest quality hot tubs. Using Ultraviolet germicidal technology and a patented water management system infused with Ozone filtration, you will have the cleanest and purest water quality available on the market. D1® offers a unique Hydrotherapy experience to ensure relaxation, comfort, and peace of mind. Finally, cutting edge technology allows you to enjoy a smart-tub system to give you peace of mine throughout your ownership experience.

When you buy a Dimension One Spa® that uses top quality material, the latest technology, full foam insulation, and the best heating element in the market, you will save money on maintenance, repairs, and energy. The average customers spends around $20 per month in their electrical costs.

The volatile supply-side market conditions we’re experiencing do not currently allow for accurate long-term lead time estimates. Many factors may change and have changed without warning and each unexpected shift may impact your estimated delivery date differently. Our lead time on hot tubs ranges anywhere from 1-2 months depending on the hot tub you choose. Most other brands are anywhere from 6-8 months out.

Depending on which hot tub you choose, the price can range from $9k to mid $20k’s.

Yes, bring in a sample of water from your pool or hot tub and we will test 11 different parameters for free! It is best if you collect about 2-3 ounces of water from a depth of at least 18 inches deep from your hot tub or pool.

Yes, we carry all the chemicals needed to maintain your water chemistry in your pool and hot tub.

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