Lotus Bay Spa

Inspired by the elegance of the Asian water lily, the Dimension One Lotus Bay Spa offers a tranquil space to relax and reconnect. Featuring seven seats including “his and her” seats, dual patented Flex Therapy Pillow™, UltraLounge™ with a Dynamic Massage Sequencer™ (6 massage styles, 3 speeds, 18 combinations) for the ultimate massage. Tactile Therapy, Echo™ underwater switches, Bellagio style waterfall with multicolored surround LED’s, every D1 Lotus Bay Hot Tub amenity is at your fingertips.

Product Highlights

Capacity: 5-6 people
Seating: Lounge
Jets: 67
Volume: 375
Size: 91.5" x 91.5" x 40"
Weight (Empty): 1,100 Lbs
Weight (Filled): 4,225 Lbs
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