Can I Design My Own Pool?

Pools tend to come in a few standard shapes and sizes, but what if you want something entirely unique? If you’re interested in creating a pool specifically for your property, you should consider working with a pool builder to design your own!

Designing a custom pool gives you the opportunity to build a pool that meets your exact needs and wants. While customization can take a little more time than having a standard pool installed, it’s sure to be worth it, as you’ll have a pool unlike any other. 

The Custom Pool Design Process

It’s important to take several things into consideration before designing your custom pool, including the space you have available, specific features you’d like added and your budget. 

When you decide to move forward with a custom pool, the first thing you’ll need to do is set up a meeting with a pool design expert. These professionals can help you develop realistic expectations for your future pool while providing expert input of their own. After discussing your preferred pool shape, aesthetics and features, a custom pool designer will take all your ideas and help you craft the pool of your dreams.

The design process should also include what you want the area surrounding your pool to look like. Do you want a wooden deck around your pool? Perhaps you want a concrete area with plants? There are a multitude of options when it comes to pool landscaping and designing these features alongside your custom pool ensures that the two will complement each other. 

At Emerald Pools & Spas, not only do we offer expert advice when it comes to pool design, but we also provide a 3D rendering of your future pool and surrounding landscape. Using this rendering, you can determine if there are any different customizations you’d like to make before construction gets started. 

Benefits of a Custom Pool

Building a custom pool allows you to create the pool and yard you’ve always wanted. You have the final say in every last detail and design choice—freedom you just don’t have when purchasing a standard pool.

Custom pools also allow you to utilize any and all free space in your yard. If you’d prefer a massive pool that allows for large pool parties, that can easily be constructed. You might also design a small pool that doesn’t take up much space and allows room for a relaxing seating area.

Fountains, decorative tiles, waterfalls and other special features can all be added to your pool when you choose to have it customized. Families with children may also want to add a separate children’s pool or slide to make things safer and more fun. In the end, designing your own pool ensures that you get everything you could want out of the investment. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of your custom pool can depend on many factors, which is why it’s important to get an estimate before construction is started. The style of pool you choose, the pool’s size and its special features will all affect the price. 

The location of your pool may also be a determining factor on its cost, since navigating difficult soil or underground utilities can add challenges. Having a budget in place before you begin will help you maintain a realistic idea of how many features and square feet can be added to your custom pool.

If you’re ready to start designing your custom pool, contact the experts at Emerald Pools & Spas today! We’ll work hard to make your dream pool a reality.