How To Incorporate A Hot Tub Into Your Workout Routine

When most people think of hot tubs, they think of rest and relaxation—not exercise. However, your backyard spa can also play a major role in your workout routine! 

In fact, hot tubs are an integral part of exercise recovery for high-intensity athletes. By incorporating your at-home spa into your daily workouts, you can enjoy smoother recoveries and a healthier body.

The Benefits of a Pre- and Post-Workout Soak

The heat from a hot tub helps to increase blood flow throughout the entire body, which brings vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles you use during your workout. Heat is also great for loosening tight muscles and tissues.

Because of these benefits, your hot tub can help you both prepare for your workout and recover after you exercise. Plan to incorporate a soak before and after using these tips.

  • Pre-workout: Using your hot tub before you begin your workout can get your blood pumping and help loosen any muscles that might be feeling stiff. Aim to soak for just 10 to 15 minutes—you don’t want to overdo it! You might also want to stretch while you soak to ensure your muscles are truly loose. Doing this can help you reduce cramping and lower the risk of injury as you work out.
  • Post-workout: After you’ve finished your workout, do a cooldown to lower your heart rate and let your body temperature drop before getting into the hot tub. Then, enjoy a longer, calming soak in the spa to maximize your muscle recovery. The soothing heat can improve tissue healing, helping you feel less stiff and sore the next day. If your hot tub has jet features, turning these on can provide a stimulating massage that relaxes and rejuvenates muscles even further.

Soaking in the spa can also help you feel calm, improve your focus and reduce stress that might be causing tension. Each of these things is great for preparing for and recovering after exercise—and leading a healthier life in general.

Hot Tub Routine

Hot Tub routine

Spas are not only great for workout recovery. You may ask what will my new routine look like in terms of time?  We think it could look something like this:

• 10-minute hot tub soak, including stretches

• 20-minute run

• 5-minute hydration break

• 20-minute strength and conditioning routine

• 5-minute cooldown and stretch

Hot tubs are a great way to keep you motivated as they reduce soreness and give you creative ways to stay in your exercise routine.  

Invest in Your Health and Wellness with a Home Spa

Installing a hot tub in your backyard comes with numerous benefits, including improving your workout routine. Contact Emerald Pools and Spas to learn more about our selection of top-quality hot tubs and find the right one for your home.