How To Throw The Perfect Pool Party

Installing a beautiful pool on your property is the perfect excuse to host the ultimate pool party. A truly great party is catered to its guests, which might vary depending on your circle of family and friends. However, there are plenty of general pool party ideas that will ensure everyone has a great time. 

You’ll want to consider decorations, snacks, drinks and plenty of other things when planning your summer bash. If you get everything right, people will be talking about your pool party for years to come! Here are some planning tips to keep in mind.

Carefully Consider Your Guest List

Do you plan on having a small group of friends or a large number of people visiting your home? Either way, make sure you’re aware of everyone who is entering your home and using your pool for security purposes. It’s also good to be aware of the average age group at your party, especially if you plan on serving alcohol, to make sure younger attendees stay safe. A family party might look very different from one with young adults!

Before you send out invites, double-check the specific number of people you plan to host. Even if you have a large pool, it’s probably not a good idea to cram too many people in the water. 

Offer Snacks and Drinks But Be Wary of the Pool

The snacks and drinks you have at your party will set the tone. If you are looking to throw a fun and casual summer party, then you might want to purchase pizza from your favorite local restaurant or set up a snack table for people to eat from as they socialize. However, if you want your party to seem a bit more upscale, consider serving appetizers or possibly having the party catered. 

No matter what direction you go in when it comes to food and drinks, be wary of serving things too close to the pool. Your pool filter will catch loose food items in most cases, but it can be messy and difficult to clear out any loose food particles that may have been missed, especially spilled beverages. 

Pick Out the Perfect Decorations

Have you thought about doing a theme for your pool party? There are plenty of different ideas that would work perfectly, from a tropical paradise to a beach club! 

Visit your local party supply store and pick out streamers and other decorations that will match your party’s theme. As with food, it’s important to be aware of any decorations that might fall in the pool. Deflated balloons, streamers and party hats can cause filtration clogs.

Throw the Best Pool Party in Town

A pool party should reflect your hosting style. There are many ways one could throw a pool party, but it is important to be true to your tastes. Food, drinks and decorations can all vary based on the number of guests at your party and what kind of theme you pick. 

The first thing you should do before throwing a party, however, is make sure your pool is looking spotless. Professional pool maintenance services from a local company will ensure that your pool is ready for any guests. Contact Emerald Pools & Spas today to inquire.