Create The Ultimate Backyard Getaway With A Hot Tub Or Spa

After a long day of work, school or caring for the kids, you deserve to wind down in a peaceful space of your own. What better place to do this than in your own backyard? Whether in the sun or under the stars, small gatherings or a bit of solo relaxation are made even better in a specially designed backyard getaway.

One of the best ways to transform your backyard into a true oasis is by installing a hot tub or spa. Check out how spas can elevate your backyard and how to take your getaway to the next level.

Hot tubs and spas turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat

When you purchase a high-quality hot tub or spa for your home, you won’t need to book a weekend spa retreat—you’ll have your own private getaway just outside your backdoor! At-home spas are great for relaxing with a glass of wine and a book or for chatting with a group of friends on a chilly winter’s evening. 

Hot tubs offer a range of mental and physical benefits, meaning they’re not only luxurious—they’re good for your wellbeing, too. By investing in a backyard spa, you’re really investing in yourself.

Tips for improving your backyard oasis

Once you’ve decided to purchase a hot tub or spa, the next step will be to turn your backyard into the private, relaxing oasis you’ve always dreamed of. This is a lot easier than most people think! A few well-placed features can make a world of a difference in how your backyard looks and feels.

  • Create privacy: Creating privacy through fences or hardscape elements helps you create an intimate, quiet setting for you to relax in, day and night. You might decide to enclose your entire backyard with a fence or simply section off your yard’s spa using garden walls and plants.
  • Add lighting: Specialty outdoor lighting can completely transform your outdoor space, especially at night. Overhead string lights can give your backyard a more whimsical feel, while modern wall or accent lights can make your yard appear sleek and sophisticated. No matter what you choose, nothing will compare to your gently lit yard after the sun sets!
  • Install a patio: Consider adding a patio as an extension of your house and spa. You have plenty of options when it comes to patio materials and colors, giving you the freedom to create your perfect backyard aesthetic. Add a few chairs, tables and other furniture to make the space more inviting and useable for parties and lounging.
  • Spruce up the landscape: Make your yard look lush and colorful with freshly planted grass, shrubbery, trees and flowers. A few key hardscape elements like retaining walls, fountains and paths can help your space look cohesive and beautiful.

Your backyard is not merely a grassy expanse. It’s an extension of your home—one filled with immense opportunity to become your ideal haven. When you work with Emerald Pools and Spas, our team will help you transform your backyard into your ideal oasis, complete a brand-new hot tub or spa and gorgeous landscape design. Contact us today to learn more!